Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Bisik ku pada bulan
Kembalikan temanku
Kekasihku, syurgaku

Tanpa dia malam menemaniku
Sepi memelukku

Bulan jangan biar siang biar malam ini kelam
Biar ia sepi sepertiku

I'll bet some of you recognize this poetry. is from Sepi. I watch it like all time but I forbid it for now, atleast for now and just for now. It's hard for me these day to even mention about it~ the Sepi words.

I hope its just temporarily but I don't know, He already planned everything and me as the humble servant is just have to tawakkal & followed the plan.

Nevermind, sometimes in your life you need to be Sepi for a while to think for a moment what have you done in your life. To sit back and revaluate what the impact that you caused and what move do you need to take to decrease the effects.

But for me this is a signal that God sent to me if I'm getting far away from Him and only I know what the Allah want me to do. Hey, God does works in the mysterious way aite?

Ok, done with my ridiculous theory!I'm out of here.

It's already 8th Ramadhan today!Guys & Gurls happy fasting k!

Owh, before I forget check out my aunt masterpiece in her new blog!She is a baker and I'm so in love with her creation!Check her here!

And those that does shopping for raya, brings you own bag k.Your little action can bring a bigger impact after this. Insyaallah.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramdhan Al-Mubarak

Nothing much to say, just....

Happy Fasting This Ramdhan Al - Mubarak
May Allah bless all of us..Insyaallah~

Tomorrow is 1st Ramdhan, don't forget to get up for sahur k guys.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Little Angels..

I heart babies..who doesn't rite?

The cute hands, the out-loud crying, sleepy baby..and the tired mom.
They are so cute...I just love babies maybe because I have a small family.

I do envy big family. I always dream to have big brother or big sister to take care of me.
Or little brother and little sister that I can take care of. 
Cheering for "along" & "angah" with my family during Sport's Day.
All the fighting drama.. Gosh, I envy those little things that I can do if I have a big family.

But if I have the chance, I would never want to change my little family.
We are close then we never been before.
I love mama, ayah & Fera!Gosh, I miss Fera more than before.
Lil' sis, cepatla balek!It's like forever to get to September.

Ok..back to the little angels!
Congrats to Duya & Ran for their newborn son!
And to Kak Ita & Ag Yusri for their newborn daughter!
Ali Imran & Daria, I wish both of u will be a very good sons and daughter, Insyaallah.

 Duya & Little Ali

Ali Imran is so handsome!

Congratulations again Duya!Now you are officially a mother!
Now there are two Ran's in the cute is that..huhu~

And all of us (yes!I talking bout gagak's!) must accept the facts that the gagak's is already into the motherhood phase yawn!Hahahaha..
Welcome to Ali, the team leader for Gagak's 2nd generation team!Huhu..
Anak sape la plak pasni..kte tunggu..hahaha~

P/s:I'm so happy to see Duya glowing!She is more beautiful now than ever!
Time please move a little bit faster..I also want to have baby!hahahahaha!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missing someone..

Its hard when you are so far away with someone and there is no proper communication happen between the two of you instead of sms.

I miss this someone so much..

Hard to tell how I miss this someone while I always be the clown of the day.

When my day is down and miss this someone I always listen to D'Masive - Merindukanmu.
This song is the perfect song for what I feel and for I hope to happen.

Saat aku tertawa diatas semua
Saat aku menangisi kesedihanku

Aku ingin engkau selalu ada
Aku ingin engkau aku kenang

Selama aku masih bisa bernafas
Masih sanggup berjalan kukan slalu memujamu
Meski ku tak tahu lagi engkau ada dimana
Dengarkanlah aku kumerindukanmu

Saat aku mencoba merubah segalanya
Saat aku meratapi kekalahanku

Aku ingin engkau selalu ada
Aku ingin engkau aku kenang

Damn it!I hate this feeling...but this is the time when it just happen.

Hope I can endure this feeling before its eat me alive.