Sunday, July 25, 2010

Down The Memory Line

Hye Guys!

Just a couple weeks ago I managed to scanned all my & my lil' sis oldies pictures from my kindergarten years until my primary school!My emotions is kind mixed up..i'll miss the good ol'days. I miss the recess bell, I miss the exam hall, I miss the sport days (eventho we always came late) & owh not to forget how we run everytime we meet Ustaz Mahir & Cikgu Kamaruddin!!Hahahaha..

 Huu~My 1st Class Picture
My 1st Graduation Picture

My 1st Kelas Agama

My last exam paper before SPM

Last picture of Kelas 5 Ehsan

The happiest moment in my school life..Competing in State's Choral Speaking!

Alhamdulilah...I live my life the very best. Not everybody get what I have experience. I will miss the old days but not my close friends, we always meet up..haha. Owh, by the way..please pray for Duya..anytime now she will be in labor room for our 1st baby gagak!!huhuhu...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Actually I will be going holiday to Sarawak end of this year.
The problem is....I don't know where to start first?
And are there any other suggestion beside this?

Sarawak Cultural Village

Beside this?

 Bako National Park

Beside that?

Jalan Satok Sunday Market

Beside that also....
 Matang Wildlife Centre

Yup..I also thinking to go here~!!
 Tanjung Datu National Park

Yup!!Beside that also..

Cat Museum

Museum of Sarawak

Fort Magarita

And also beside that places any other place that I missed out guys?
Please do give me suggestion and I will do the detailed planning..thanks in advance k!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

back to school..but not the same school~

Me and my friend..not just closest friends (we have been together since we are form 1! already about 15 years ago!damn is so long ago...hoh!)ok..ok stop with the blah,back to the story..together we headed to Kasturi School of Accountancy to register for P2 class (the scariest paper among them all - this is what all people that already taken the papers says).

So this sitting probably will be the enjoyable study experience I will have because we will be in the same class and taking the same paper TOGETHER!!yeay!Give me double 5!!

Is so-so-so long ago we will study together for me, emma,um & atok!hu~
I bet Cikgu Rosli (my previous accounting teacher) will be proud of us since we..specifically me eating and mocking him in his class!huu..sorry sir..but still I respect u!thanks for making me as I was today!

Ok after the registration we headed to Mid Valley to find a good place to eat and I suggest to them Delicious!
My favourite place to makan-makan dessert!hehehe...I think picture below can tell u how delicious the meal is!Damn...telling u guys the place already make me "melioq"!!huu!!!


 Um with her Butterscotch Shake, Death by Chocolate for me & Emma's Rootbeer Float

Atok's as usual "org tua punye air" - Hot Mocha

So happy when the drinks is served

Emma & The Classic Hotdogs

Um only order side dish..I think she is preparing the dinner-lite-candle-tummy!

Star of the day!!Berrylicious Chocolate Pavlova!
We HEART This!

The End

Satisfied..Wanted to stuff the cute-minicupcakes-but-her-tummy -full!

Muke Kenyang Hati Gembira!

We already done with the the fee and celebrate our coming sittings even the results is not out yet (cross our finger to pass the P3 paper!) so this coming Thursday is our first class..can't wait to see them in the class!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

what i have been doing this past two months

Olaaaaaaaa peeps!

I'm busy this 2 months. Juggling with my work, my study, my family and my social life! Happen to be this my exam in this sittings is all about business model and lucky for me there only thousands of theory and model that I have to staple in my tiny-miny little brain!Huh!

But I went through it..Alhamdulillah, now I just can wait for my result. 
Hmmm.....nevermind lets forget about it for a while ya...

So what happen to me?
Beside working and studying?
Not to worry..let me summarize all my activity here (as I can remember!)

(1) Hurun Ain Weddings

I managed to see all my girls back from Matriks Perak..we called it matriksGopenghagen!
So good to see, eat, laugh and gossip together!Miss u girls..hope we can meet up again after this.

All The Girls

Me & Hana..She is my little doremon back than!

(2) Birthday Celebration!!
Even our schedule is so hectic but we managed to get a little time off to celebrate our trainee birthday!
Happy belated birthday Kery & Abby..nama mat salleh..tapi ade IC..hahahaha!!

(3) Outstation at Alor Gajah, Melaka!
The only place where I can eat Cucur Udang & Sate Melaka everday during lunch!
Love it here!!

We managed to get a little time off to relex ourself

Abg Wan is sooo not in mood in the boat..
(kan dh cakap boring naik bot! hu~)

My workstation at Alor messy!

Syiero version Ayat2 Cinta?No...Its tooo damn cool here!

(4) Visiting to Petrosains,KLCC

Being nanny is not an easy job!
I bring my little nephews to an educational visits to Petrosains and by the way the entrance fee is cheap!

(5) Watching Prince of Persia

Have to take care of my little cousins and the easy way........watching a movie!

(6) Father's Day Eating Out

Last week I bring my parents for dinner at Seoul Garden..have fun there watching my father eat all the crab they served in buffet table!He is the king of buffet!hahaha...have fun eating and chating!love u ayah!!

(7) Abg Um's Wedding

After exam meditation is meeting up with friends...and the perfect place is at the weddings! picture of bride & groom.

(7) Farewell Auni & Rabiatul Weds!

Last lunch with Auni..Good Luck with your study girl!
And Selamat Pengantin Baru to Rabiatul!Seeing all people getting married make me also want to get married..but..haish..not yet!hu~

Many more post to come..but I need to do what I need to do first!