Sunday, July 4, 2010

what i have been doing this past two months

Olaaaaaaaa peeps!

I'm busy this 2 months. Juggling with my work, my study, my family and my social life! Happen to be this my exam in this sittings is all about business model and lucky for me there only thousands of theory and model that I have to staple in my tiny-miny little brain!Huh!

But I went through it..Alhamdulillah, now I just can wait for my result. 
Hmmm.....nevermind lets forget about it for a while ya...

So what happen to me?
Beside working and studying?
Not to worry..let me summarize all my activity here (as I can remember!)

(1) Hurun Ain Weddings

I managed to see all my girls back from Matriks Perak..we called it matriksGopenghagen!
So good to see, eat, laugh and gossip together!Miss u girls..hope we can meet up again after this.

All The Girls

Me & Hana..She is my little doremon back than!

(2) Birthday Celebration!!
Even our schedule is so hectic but we managed to get a little time off to celebrate our trainee birthday!
Happy belated birthday Kery & Abby..nama mat salleh..tapi ade IC..hahahaha!!

(3) Outstation at Alor Gajah, Melaka!
The only place where I can eat Cucur Udang & Sate Melaka everday during lunch!
Love it here!!

We managed to get a little time off to relex ourself

Abg Wan is sooo not in mood in the boat..
(kan dh cakap boring naik bot! hu~)

My workstation at Alor messy!

Syiero version Ayat2 Cinta?No...Its tooo damn cool here!

(4) Visiting to Petrosains,KLCC

Being nanny is not an easy job!
I bring my little nephews to an educational visits to Petrosains and by the way the entrance fee is cheap!

(5) Watching Prince of Persia

Have to take care of my little cousins and the easy way........watching a movie!

(6) Father's Day Eating Out

Last week I bring my parents for dinner at Seoul Garden..have fun there watching my father eat all the crab they served in buffet table!He is the king of buffet!hahaha...have fun eating and chating!love u ayah!!

(7) Abg Um's Wedding

After exam meditation is meeting up with friends...and the perfect place is at the weddings! picture of bride & groom.

(7) Farewell Auni & Rabiatul Weds!

Last lunch with Auni..Good Luck with your study girl!
And Selamat Pengantin Baru to Rabiatul!Seeing all people getting married make me also want to get married..but..haish..not yet!hu~

Many more post to come..but I need to do what I need to do first!


Fara said...

Tak sangka Eban kenal Yam & Hana!!! Dorang cosmate aja mase kat UPM...

Then nak tanye,
soul garden tu bpe ek?

Farah Najja

Big Chocosis said...

kenal diorg!!kekawan satu geng masa matriks!!

dia kira perhead kos..
kalo weekand rm35++ kalo weekdays n still simpan student kad upm leh dpt harga student price!!huuu...

tapi harga perhead dalam range rm30-rm40.