Thursday, March 31, 2011

We are Gagak's!

Last night my friends keep tagging me with the old pictures.
I think she really miss us.
She & Me are part of our childhood gang known as Gagak's Girl.
Hahahaha..this name is given to us by our own teacher (ntah!aku pon xhengat!)
Some of us have known each other from kindergarten, some secondary school & the rest is in our high school year.


The 5 year in our high school year is the best in my life.
Only we know.
Thinking back our friendship is almost 15th years old!
Some of us have married.
Some of us already have baby.
Some of us gonna get engage.
Some of us just get dumped.
Some of us in search for the other half.
Things happen around us quickly but our friendship remain the same.
Insyaallah, I hope we can grow old together.

Yes, I have another friends out there..
In facts I have the greatest friends on the earth 
From my Matrix geng
My Faculty geng
My Kolej Amin geng
My old-colleague gang
My ACCA gang
My Adam & Co gang
My UPSM gang!
& many more..
don't get me wrong I love others too..
Love them so much, only God know how grateful I am to having you guys in my life..
Thanks guys!You never failed to make my day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My idea of all about good food.

Hi..its already midnight here.
Just getting started to settled my report before sending it to my manager for his review.
I'm so sure I'll get a tonne of review note on my desk by the end of the day.

Nevermind I don't care and so are u rite ^^
Eating is my I'm so jealous with food bloggers out there.Thinking how they can get to eat everywhere without paying instead they are being paid for the review!Shoot!my dream career!hahaha..nvrmind i'll do my own food review (but I don't think it will be good as other food blogs out there =p)

So, I just get back from dinner with my best buddies!
I've been craving for sushi since last at last I'll get it today!yey!
I have to dragged my beloved frens since they are not so into with sushi *sigh* I bought them to my favourite sushi place!Sakae Sushi!Their sushi is the best so far..& their udon!woah!daebak!hahahaha!

Its my duty to throw away the stigma of sushi=raw fish!that kind of sushi is called sashmi and i'm not a big fan of raw fish except salmon if they are in season..huhu!So menu of the day is Gyuri Beef Danbori & Teriyaki Chicken Donburi beside Inari & Soft Crab Sushi!Yummy!

I'm playing safe with my menu since my other frens is not very good with Japanese food..i'll try others menu with my sis..she's is more extreme eater than I!So, what we get for dessert?For coffee addict like us of course coffee blended!Jco is good with the blended it much more cheaper than 5 star for Jco!

My favorite is Caramel Coffee & her's is Cappuccino Chips if I remember!While we busy gossiping cute little boy is passing my table!He's is so cute & prepare for my camera with his brother!Adorable!Seriously I heart babies & cute children!huuu!I want one!^^

Ok!Need to edit my report!Will update later!^^ annyong~

Friday, March 11, 2011

Need time to rest~

Seriously my life become hectic!Its already noon now but I'm not able to grab my lunch..need to finalize some report before tomorrow meetings!

Ow yes!now my office hour officially open 24-7 k!
On morning I'm working at client office be back at 6pm and directly to my office until 11pm!
Working on Saturday & sometimes even Sunday...lucky for me I can claim my OT!
Owh yeah!hahaha...

Being this messy make me want to have 5-minute rest before I can continue with my life..guess tomorrow after finish with my job I will drag my besties for BBQ!hahahaha.."main masak-masak kt tepi sungaila sok!huhuhu~" that sure can relieve my stress! definitely!!!

What to do?what to make tomorrow?Gonna make my menu simple..Hmmm!Guess I'm gonna have beef strips with lettuce,a simple mushroom pasta or carbonara, sausage & egg sandwich. That will be enough for me & my friends rite?hahahaha..if that is not enough than I guess we will have to call for Dominos!hahahaha~

Its been a while I'm not doing this BBQ things!Guess this is the right time!Gonna do some shopping time after this!hahahaha!

I guess Garfield & Me Gonna Have BBQ Time Tomorrow!! =)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2 & Day 3 At Kuching!

I just finish planning my studies this semester while listening to Big Bang new album.
Its rocks yawn!Hahaha!For those who don't know who there are just goggle for Big Bang k..I'm sure you will get thousand hits for them!hahahaha..FYI,there are rumors that they are coming to Malaysia!!!! I starve & save money for the concert!!!=p

Ok, I will continue what I have left before!
Day 2 in Kuching is really relaxed.
If you planning to visit Sarawak on November till January you must prepare with rainy day.
Our 2nd day is rain all day long but that never breaks our vacation spirit!Day start visiting Sarawak Cultural Village,this is a must visit tourist spot for local or foreign tourist.Seriously, where you can see all main races in Sarawak such as Kaum Iban, Bidayuh,Penan,Melanau & many more in just one place?Tell me?Only here ok~

So if you planning to go here, tickets price for adult is RM60 and you'll get a passport. You can stamp your visa at each of different houses here. Yes, it might be a little bit pricey but its all for preservation causes and I tell you its money worth it!Beside,its a good place to take great picture with Gunung Santubong as the landscape here. I give you a little tips, if you a student or part time student then its is a bonus for you!Yey!The tickets price is only RM15!!As education purpose!Don't forget to bring along your student card when you travelling around because all famous tourist spot always have special price for student!!huhu~Its good being student!

Seriously, we have so much fun there!Go there, take an opportunity to know others culture and living and make sure not to miss their famous cultural show!They have fixed schedule so make sure you guys check it first before make a stop here so you don't miss it k!

Day 3 are fully in Kuching town!I'm history freak so I make sure my friends & I stop by at Sarawak museum & Islamic museum. The museum is not so properly taken care, I hope after this the Sarawak Ministry will try to improve the contents of the museum and also the ambiance. Please don't make it so dull..its so sad to see all the national treasure & heritage being treat like that. If only I'm Tony Fernandes, I will sponsor upgrade the museum!If only..haish~No picture inside the museum due to the no camera policy.

We have fun there eventho the museum condition is so bad, after finish touring the museum we decide to talk a walk at Memorial Pahlawan. Its like Lake Garden in KL except there is no lake or pool. This memorial is built specially for late Sarawakian warriors that fight against British back before our "merdeka" period. What special about this garden is actually they have a cemetery inside it. Suprisingly, we found Aquarium Bandaraya in Taman Memorial Pahlawan. They gather all kinds of fish there but same as the museum the place should be taken care more properly.

Right after that, we headed straight to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see and learn about Orang Utan conservation. The place is not to far from Kuching, it takes about 20-30 minutes if I'm not mistaken and the enterence fee is so cheap!RM3 for adult and RM1 for student and this money is for orang utan conservation expenses. The officer from Jabatan Perhutanan mention to us is hard to see orang utan and its all depends on your luck. Lucky for us, most of the resident in Semenggoh come to meet & greet us as soon as we arrived except for the Big Boss. He is the oldest and strongest male orang utan there.

This is the first time I encounter this kind of experience and its so nice. Sadly, there are not many local tourist visit this place but the foreigners seem to love it. There are eating time for orang utan, please do check it first before come here so that you can see cute little orang utan hanging on the tree top!There are 2 separate eating place, one is in front of the gates and the other one you have to walk for 10 minutes into the jungle. That one is made specially for the male orang utan eating place.

If you come to Kuching again I hope you spend your time here~
I have fun here & I bet you also have good time here!
Its sleepy,I guess I will continue this later..night2!