Friday, March 11, 2011

Need time to rest~

Seriously my life become hectic!Its already noon now but I'm not able to grab my lunch..need to finalize some report before tomorrow meetings!

Ow yes!now my office hour officially open 24-7 k!
On morning I'm working at client office be back at 6pm and directly to my office until 11pm!
Working on Saturday & sometimes even Sunday...lucky for me I can claim my OT!
Owh yeah!hahaha...

Being this messy make me want to have 5-minute rest before I can continue with my life..guess tomorrow after finish with my job I will drag my besties for BBQ!hahahaha.."main masak-masak kt tepi sungaila sok!huhuhu~" that sure can relieve my stress! definitely!!!

What to do?what to make tomorrow?Gonna make my menu simple..Hmmm!Guess I'm gonna have beef strips with lettuce,a simple mushroom pasta or carbonara, sausage & egg sandwich. That will be enough for me & my friends rite?hahahaha..if that is not enough than I guess we will have to call for Dominos!hahahaha~

Its been a while I'm not doing this BBQ things!Guess this is the right time!Gonna do some shopping time after this!hahahaha!

I guess Garfield & Me Gonna Have BBQ Time Tomorrow!! =)