Thursday, March 31, 2011

We are Gagak's!

Last night my friends keep tagging me with the old pictures.
I think she really miss us.
She & Me are part of our childhood gang known as Gagak's Girl.
Hahahaha..this name is given to us by our own teacher (ntah!aku pon xhengat!)
Some of us have known each other from kindergarten, some secondary school & the rest is in our high school year.


The 5 year in our high school year is the best in my life.
Only we know.
Thinking back our friendship is almost 15th years old!
Some of us have married.
Some of us already have baby.
Some of us gonna get engage.
Some of us just get dumped.
Some of us in search for the other half.
Things happen around us quickly but our friendship remain the same.
Insyaallah, I hope we can grow old together.

Yes, I have another friends out there..
In facts I have the greatest friends on the earth 
From my Matrix geng
My Faculty geng
My Kolej Amin geng
My old-colleague gang
My ACCA gang
My Adam & Co gang
My UPSM gang!
& many more..
don't get me wrong I love others too..
Love them so much, only God know how grateful I am to having you guys in my life..
Thanks guys!You never failed to make my day!