Thursday, April 29, 2010

how my weekends gone like 'poof'

last friday night, all of my housemates gone meronggeng at M'tos (FYI its the name of a mall which is in front of our house). still depressed about our exams, we got no mood to cook. so i say "let's eat out! we can meronggeng afterwards". 5 minutes later, all dressed up, we merempit to the mall. i ate something similar to this, it's called mie ayam


then, we thought we could watch a nice movie afterwards, but DANG! all that's showing are completely ridiculous I*****sian movies..GRRR..Luckily, this country is a great DVD cetak rompak producer! Yeay to that!! so we settle down with buying movies and have a movie-thon back at home. we bought


those who haven't read 'The Diary of A Young Girl' by Anne Frank, you should really go buy this book as this movie is based on it (plus it's a true story!) well, to be frank, i think the movie is not as exciting as the book but you know, different people different judgement right? it regarding the life of a young jewish girl who's trapped between World War 1 (if im not mistaken). so her family went to hide from the Nazi in an annex to avoid being sent to concentration camp where massive inhumane killing took place. i cried reading the book..but the movie quite nice i must say! the lead actress looks quite similar to the original Anne Frank^^

one of the most famous korean horror-thrill movie in all time. i don't want to explain much about this movie as you should watch to experience how i feel. it's about how the students got kill according to their school rank. go watch it! it's really nice!! in fact, right now they're filming Death Bell 2 in Korea!! can't wait!


this is different from other korean movies i have watch. its about how a girl feels burden with her beauty. it's scary man!! i never thought that beauty could be such a huge problem!! pity her.. to be stalked, raped, stalked some more, gone crazy..never saw it from that perspective..i thought pretty girls had it easy..


this is a thailand's horror movies. Asian is indeed a leading thriller and horror movie producer! about a playboy who got what he deserves for cheating on his girlfriends.. pretty scary i must say..

well, actually i bought whole lotsamore DVDs to be watched but these are the ones that i've already watch.. so maybe i'll give some review later on..haha..its not like im a famous movie reviewer! haha
well, on saturday, i:
  1. sight- seeing around Makassar in a car (for a change!)
  2. ate the famous ayam kampung lalapan
  3. go 'menyibuk' at a dermatology clinic
  4. try out the new sushi restaurant
  5. movies marathon again!! (i'll update later)
  6. fell asleep
on sunday:
  1. merempit to Karebosi
  2. to eat sup Konro bakar (aka ribs) very cheap lorr..n most important very YUMMYLICIOUS!!!
  3. check out sutera makassar (while pretending to be a tourist)
  4. went to GTC mall ( eat the super delicious twister chip)
  5. movies
  6. sleep!!
(it looks as if it wrote as 'dilarang parkir kecuali penguin' right LOL)

what a perfect way to spend your weekends and chase the stress away!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


last week, i had THE EXAM, not just any exam..the growth, development and geriatric exam..where the mortality rate is very high following the statistic from the previous years. life as a medic student, you are already trained since the beginning (mentally esp) to expect the unexpected. you can never trust the system..when they say that the exam is on tuesday we've slept as little as we could trying to prepare ourselves..but DAMN! they could easily shoosh you away saying that they're busy and they'll delay the exam the next day..
and then come the next day..
and the next day we're scheduled for the exams in the morning,
with every tick of clock's sound, it felt like one word of the notes that we read was by one
to be replaced with fear, worries, anger, anxiety..and many more
you know how it felt ryte? where your heart palpitate?
thank goodness the exam start at 1.30 pm..i hate the feeling where you have doubt for your answer! it's as if you've never study those topic before! aargh..but i comfort myself saying "it's alright, you still have time, let's study harder for the next paper" which FYI is usually 2-4 days after the 1st paper.
BUT DANG!! again a slap in my face!
the examiner annnounce the next paper is on the very NEXT DAY!
u can feel the tension is very high right now. i swear i could see that everybody's jaw dropping.
aargh!! "pshh..whatever.." but you know you could say 'whatever' and pretend like you don't care
but deep down inside there's like a rock squishing your gut and your lungs felt like it drowned in those blood. ok i'm being melodramatic here..haha
so the next day, after studying and doing anything we possibly could we sit for the exam
macam pejuang berani mati
as soon as i look at the question..pergh..i felt like i wanna push those table, tore those paper, and sing Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah".
the questions are even harder. god, i'm in vain, please help me. i wish i receive some kind of vision. i wish i have photographic memory. i even wish i have super power! haha oii! wake up!!
i just do what a student could, answer, submit, n pray like there's no tomorrow..haha

motive of the story: study bapak awal!
emotion status at time of writing: worried, rasa mcm nak tampar diri sendiri..haha

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The One That Inspires Me - Part 1


It already 1.30am in the morning and I just want to take 5-minute break...suddenly I wanted to about write inspiration and this break gonna be my 1-hour break.

Who inspires you in your life?
Inspires you to achieve your dream?
Inspires you to think out of box?
Inspires you to against what other people want?

It is your parents?your love one?your sister or brother?
Your friends?politicians?singer?actor?bussinessman?

For me there are several people that inspires my life. 
Always try to challenge me everytime I "see" them.
Always try to make myself change for better.
Always success to make me feel grateful about myself.
Always there to guide me to stay in my rough path.
Even there are not beside me and some already rest in peace.

They have a special place in my heart.
And they never know it......................................................

I LOVE Oprah!
I want to be like her.
She is the one that inspires me and teach me many things that sometimes I felt it kinda ridiculous. Thanks to her I listen to Dr.Oz healthy tips or Nate Berkus simple solution to make a beautiful house or Peter Walsh rule to make sure my house is stay organize.

Yup!I really adore her..
Her charm, her courage, her determination, her agility never make me feel bored when I see her.

Seriously..who famous people that never get the chance to interview by her?
She have interviewed Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Dalai Lama, Princess Diana also make an appearance in Oprah, Princess Rania, King Abdullah, Micheal Jackson, Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di'Caprio, Tom Hanks and so many other famous people that I couldn't think anymore.

I started to watch her show when I in secondary school and until now she never failed to make me bored! Come on seriously..who does not know Oprah? She is an American television host, she has been ranked the richest African American and the greatest black philanthropist in American history plus she was once the world's only black billionaire in the world. Oh I forget to mention that she is the the most influential woman in the world..Yup, in the whole universe she is the most influential woman!!

I really salute her idea when she begin The Angel Network, one of the biggest contributors to the charitable projects and provides grants to nonprofit organizations around the Whole Wide World!!Some of us even make a face just to help our own mother..but she did help people around the world.

The most influences African woman in the world have the start of her life much more sucks than us..she is poor and had been raped when she just only 9 years old but she made it..even its hard she made it!

I'm 25 years old...even I am broke but I can still enjoy my life, still have a proper meal, proper education and life is thousand, millions time better than her!I also can made it!!

She's inspire me a lot eventho she never knew it.

Even Obama is inspired by Oprah.

Thanks Oprah for inspire me to be better everyday!!

P/s: There are 2 more people that inspire me to achieve my be continued..must get a sleep right now...ZZZzzzz....

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Loving It~


Its been a while now....
I've been so busy lately with my workload and my study its enough to make my life in a perfect unbalance and unhealthy condition..but I like it..don't ask me why but I think I really have a good support system around me..
I LOVE my family, my friends, my colleagues and also Him..beside Allah always beside me.

This last few week I only slept around 3 to 4 hours because I have to catch-up with my study schedule,this semester is really killing me man...I wish I have the brain of Einstein or Adi Putra..ho~There are 17 chapter of business strategy that I need to read plus with all the theory model and the financial ratios...can I make it?
Nevermind..just leave all the mess behind for a while....

If I have the big mess in my little brain I always tend to do something...and yup I'll tried to find a good entertainment that cost almost to nothing @ cheaper to'm so in kedekut mood right now..hoho...
And last 2 weeks I dragging my frens to go to Putrajaya Hot Balloon Festival, this year festival is so booooringgggggggggg compared to last year festival..and plus the crowd of people is crazzzzyyyyyy...
but since we make it there (I forget to mention that it takes us about 2 hour to find a parking spot!!) we try to make the best from it..and here the result...

 The Balloons is sooo cute

We,balloons and a bucket of people..LOL

 Actually this is what we waiting for...FIREWORKS!!

Actually, minus all the crowd, the jem...beside we park our car near at Wisma Putra (sgt jauh ok!) and all the balloons are static we have fun!!!Sgt besyh jumpe Muneq and hang out bersama..that is what good friends are for...this Year 2010 actually is our 10-years anniversary (do you gurls sedar??) since we know each other in Form 3!!Same with all my gurls...time go by so quickly gurls..some of us will become a mother soon!!!*tears suddenly*Duya please take a good care of yourself and our baby boy too k...mish you!!

Pity to my sis, nk sangat g sini tapi dia still ade kelas...missing her also!!This is her last sem before she finish her 3rd year study and moved to clinical study..Ganbatte sis..I heard she have a very hard time this patient and remember you want a job that have a good paid!being a doctor is the easiest way..hahahaha... 

All the person I mention here is part of my life support system.I treasure them so much!and almost can't live without them..Ya Allah, berkati dan rahmatilah ukuwah pemberianMu, Semoga ianya berkekalan dunia akhirat..Amin.

Eventhough I don't have money, a nice car, a designer stuff also a good job (not yet!) and I struggling so hard in my life but this LOVE that I have is the greatest gift from God..Alhamdulilah..

I know you guys out there also have a good life support you realise it?
If you do be gracious about it..there are so many people don't realise and take it for granted..for those who don't realise..take a good look around you and think for a moment..
you will always find who the one that always be there for you when you broke..teman g lunch..or the one that teman you beli pad!that is your life support system.

Take a time for your self and for your support system.