Wednesday, April 28, 2010


last week, i had THE EXAM, not just any exam..the growth, development and geriatric exam..where the mortality rate is very high following the statistic from the previous years. life as a medic student, you are already trained since the beginning (mentally esp) to expect the unexpected. you can never trust the system..when they say that the exam is on tuesday we've slept as little as we could trying to prepare ourselves..but DAMN! they could easily shoosh you away saying that they're busy and they'll delay the exam the next day..
and then come the next day..
and the next day we're scheduled for the exams in the morning,
with every tick of clock's sound, it felt like one word of the notes that we read was by one
to be replaced with fear, worries, anger, anxiety..and many more
you know how it felt ryte? where your heart palpitate?
thank goodness the exam start at 1.30 pm..i hate the feeling where you have doubt for your answer! it's as if you've never study those topic before! aargh..but i comfort myself saying "it's alright, you still have time, let's study harder for the next paper" which FYI is usually 2-4 days after the 1st paper.
BUT DANG!! again a slap in my face!
the examiner annnounce the next paper is on the very NEXT DAY!
u can feel the tension is very high right now. i swear i could see that everybody's jaw dropping.
aargh!! "pshh..whatever.." but you know you could say 'whatever' and pretend like you don't care
but deep down inside there's like a rock squishing your gut and your lungs felt like it drowned in those blood. ok i'm being melodramatic here..haha
so the next day, after studying and doing anything we possibly could we sit for the exam
macam pejuang berani mati
as soon as i look at the question..pergh..i felt like i wanna push those table, tore those paper, and sing Ke$ha's "Blah Blah Blah".
the questions are even harder. god, i'm in vain, please help me. i wish i receive some kind of vision. i wish i have photographic memory. i even wish i have super power! haha oii! wake up!!
i just do what a student could, answer, submit, n pray like there's no tomorrow..haha

motive of the story: study bapak awal!
emotion status at time of writing: worried, rasa mcm nak tampar diri sendiri..haha


Big Chocosis said...


hahaha..ko hengat ko megeru (Det.Q)..

Cian2..xpe study bapak awal pasni k..

Cross ur finger u can pas ur paper easily even its cukup2

Lil' chocosis said...

2 r..siot tol..jah btol2 menyesal..argh lantak r! ad ak kesah je sbnrnye