Thursday, April 29, 2010

how my weekends gone like 'poof'

last friday night, all of my housemates gone meronggeng at M'tos (FYI its the name of a mall which is in front of our house). still depressed about our exams, we got no mood to cook. so i say "let's eat out! we can meronggeng afterwards". 5 minutes later, all dressed up, we merempit to the mall. i ate something similar to this, it's called mie ayam


then, we thought we could watch a nice movie afterwards, but DANG! all that's showing are completely ridiculous I*****sian movies..GRRR..Luckily, this country is a great DVD cetak rompak producer! Yeay to that!! so we settle down with buying movies and have a movie-thon back at home. we bought


those who haven't read 'The Diary of A Young Girl' by Anne Frank, you should really go buy this book as this movie is based on it (plus it's a true story!) well, to be frank, i think the movie is not as exciting as the book but you know, different people different judgement right? it regarding the life of a young jewish girl who's trapped between World War 1 (if im not mistaken). so her family went to hide from the Nazi in an annex to avoid being sent to concentration camp where massive inhumane killing took place. i cried reading the book..but the movie quite nice i must say! the lead actress looks quite similar to the original Anne Frank^^

one of the most famous korean horror-thrill movie in all time. i don't want to explain much about this movie as you should watch to experience how i feel. it's about how the students got kill according to their school rank. go watch it! it's really nice!! in fact, right now they're filming Death Bell 2 in Korea!! can't wait!


this is different from other korean movies i have watch. its about how a girl feels burden with her beauty. it's scary man!! i never thought that beauty could be such a huge problem!! pity her.. to be stalked, raped, stalked some more, gone crazy..never saw it from that perspective..i thought pretty girls had it easy..


this is a thailand's horror movies. Asian is indeed a leading thriller and horror movie producer! about a playboy who got what he deserves for cheating on his girlfriends.. pretty scary i must say..

well, actually i bought whole lotsamore DVDs to be watched but these are the ones that i've already watch.. so maybe i'll give some review later on..haha..its not like im a famous movie reviewer! haha
well, on saturday, i:
  1. sight- seeing around Makassar in a car (for a change!)
  2. ate the famous ayam kampung lalapan
  3. go 'menyibuk' at a dermatology clinic
  4. try out the new sushi restaurant
  5. movies marathon again!! (i'll update later)
  6. fell asleep
on sunday:
  1. merempit to Karebosi
  2. to eat sup Konro bakar (aka ribs) very cheap lorr..n most important very YUMMYLICIOUS!!!
  3. check out sutera makassar (while pretending to be a tourist)
  4. went to GTC mall ( eat the super delicious twister chip)
  5. movies
  6. sleep!!
(it looks as if it wrote as 'dilarang parkir kecuali penguin' right LOL)

what a perfect way to spend your weekends and chase the stress away!


Big Chocosis said...

Demit gems..aku dh donlot death bell!!!!!

ko kne check balek ngan aku muvie ape yg ko ade...

kang mampus aku donlot lagi kang..hU~

Lil' chocosis said...

xd r mampus sgt..haha..delete dr hard disk je sudey..ngahaha..jimat space..haha

Ms.Independant said...

It's true~
I bru habes bace Dear John By Nicholas Spark.
Then I watched the DVD which was not as great as the book.
so dissapointing!
siap nagis2 bace novel jugak!


ween said...

the mie ayam looks yummy :)