Friday, November 19, 2010

Having a headache!

Hi guys!

Having a headache to find a right shoes before my vacation to Kuching!Too many choices make me have this kind of headache-Shopping headache!..Hahahaha..Its been quite a long time since I buy my last shoes..Last time I bought Nike White-Pink Cortez shoes at Al-Ikhsan..That is the most expensive shoes I ever had.Hu~
This is the shoes that I treasure the most!

So, this time I want to change my shoes preference a lil' bit. I would like to try the high cut shoes just like most of my Korean idols wears it!But the shoes that have a place in my heart is this one! You might be familiar with it since it being use in Playful Kiss You Tube Edition - Ep. 1! I heart this Adidas!

And this one too..Beast wear it!Man that is cool!


Cool right!But the colour make me a lil bit reluctant!Since I'm a girl the below one is kinda suites me!Hu~

Every girl must have a lil bit of pink in her life!But that hot pink make me crazy!Love it!
But the simple white should do enough right?I want this one..same like Hyung Joong wears its!Hu~

Less is more right..Hu!Damn so many handsome shoes out there!

But this blue one also catchs my eyes!Damn!My life is cursed for being around this such freak shoes!

I guess the first steps is to check it if there even have like this one in the stores itself before I make any decision. I will tell you guys if I make up my mind k!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha!


Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha guys!

This year I have a perfect Raya. Why?

  1. My sis at home - Yay!
  2. Helping my mom preparing raya food until 4 a.m (Only my sis managed to help my mom since I'm to sleepy!).
  3. Sembahyang raya together! - You know its hard since my father health condition is not very good. Luckily, this time he is in a very good condition. Thanks God.
  4. Me n my sis get to be dispatch for my mom. My mom have this tradition to give some of her one-of-kind Raya food to others family friends. This year its almost take us an hour to give a complete tour around the food is great!
  5. Have a complete "salam-salam" session with Ayah before his dialysis session.
  6. Eating together.
  7. Watching Asian Games together (Watching cycling and badminton and we lost both game..Haish!But nevermind..Malaysia Still Boleh!).
  8. After the depression for the lost game, we headed to 7-E to get ice-cream!
  9. Then we slept. (Recover last night tiredness!)
It is not to late for me & my sis to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha. May this raya brings joy, happiness and love to all of my friends out there.

I hope in another 2 years, it is my turn to become Allah guest to perform Hajj..Insyaallah.