Friday, November 19, 2010

Having a headache!

Hi guys!

Having a headache to find a right shoes before my vacation to Kuching!Too many choices make me have this kind of headache-Shopping headache!..Hahahaha..Its been quite a long time since I buy my last shoes..Last time I bought Nike White-Pink Cortez shoes at Al-Ikhsan..That is the most expensive shoes I ever had.Hu~
This is the shoes that I treasure the most!

So, this time I want to change my shoes preference a lil' bit. I would like to try the high cut shoes just like most of my Korean idols wears it!But the shoes that have a place in my heart is this one! You might be familiar with it since it being use in Playful Kiss You Tube Edition - Ep. 1! I heart this Adidas!

And this one too..Beast wear it!Man that is cool!


Cool right!But the colour make me a lil bit reluctant!Since I'm a girl the below one is kinda suites me!Hu~

Every girl must have a lil bit of pink in her life!But that hot pink make me crazy!Love it!
But the simple white should do enough right?I want this one..same like Hyung Joong wears its!Hu~

Less is more right..Hu!Damn so many handsome shoes out there!

But this blue one also catchs my eyes!Damn!My life is cursed for being around this such freak shoes!

I guess the first steps is to check it if there even have like this one in the stores itself before I make any decision. I will tell you guys if I make up my mind k!


♥cHeeSeLoV3R♥ said...

yg color blue 2 sgt sweet, tp lg sukee lau color pink, haha~

Big Chocosis said...

huu..cari kat cni xde yg cool2 cmtuh..kne g mines xpon kne g sunway pyramid..or BB..malasnya..

Christina *ThE DreAmeR* said...

hey,may i knw tat wher u found those nike high dunk? i keep looking for them at Kl.. anyways,thx for sharing..=)