Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Early Christmas Treat For Us!

I only managed to get shopping splurge only two to three times in the year. 
First is for Hari Raya and the other one is when my sis coming back here.
So,this is the time when me and my sis shop till we drop!
Err..its not really true for the drop part because I have a tight budget for my shopping allowances!Hahaha..

When my sis is back home the most important things for her is Eat!
Since I'm the elders and she is still student so the bill is on me.
This time we found quite a good place for Japanese foods lovers..presenting to you..Sakae Sushi.
Yeah, I know its too late to introduce this good place but still this is the 1st time for us to try it there. 
I love the wide range menu and their sushi is so splendid!

Our 1st visit, we managed to try their sushi, grilled beef and beef sukiyaki..I'm sure we picked the wrong sukiyaki since it is to sweet for both of us but still it is a great experience for us.
Do-It-Your Self Green Tea
Happy Face
Beef Sukiyaki Set
Real Fire Is Involved - Cool Heh?
Our Dessert!

On our 2nd visit, we managed to try the Kimchi Ramen & Beef Bento Set but both of our dishes is not up to our expectations or maybe our expectations is too high..but still we have great time there. 

My Kimchi Ramen..Sis eating it while waiting for her bento box.

After our "makan-makan" sesion is time for our shopping spree time..I did mention to u guys that trying to get a super cool high cut shoes right? I didn't have much courage to bought that type of shoes but I did find one that is practical for me to wear it...Taraaaaaaaa~

Size 9 = Big Foot
It is not super cute..but I love the color combination!

Does this available here?

Beside my shoes, we managed to get a good deal for our skin care products since there are many Christmas promotion here. My sis is try to find a good skin care product since she can't afford to buy Body Shop range no more..hahahaha~Pity her.. I guess being medic student is too pricey..lucky I'm not! =p

So, the solution is wondering around mall to find good deal and we find it!
Etude House~
Etude House is endorsed by Lee Minho & Park Shin Hye!
 Sis bought this!
I bought this!

I already heard about Etude products but I thought they are pricey and since I just start to use Clinnique I just have no interest to take a peek at another products. Thank to sis, I'm totally in love with Etude right now!
How affordable they are?
I bought 5 sheet face mask is only for RM12!While my sis bought 3 step skin care for RM79.90!
For that price I only managed to buy my Clinnique face cleanser!Hoh!Good bargain!

Owh..I also bought their famous BB cream for RM69.90 (Good bargain since all the BB cream in the market is quite small). I have read all the review for their BB cream and it all is I want to give them. 
a try.

This time I'm have no interest to find good cloths maybe next time. 
Owh, I almost forget..I also buy SS501 dvd!Their Persona Concert & Documentary!
My dreams come true!Love it!Like it..but sis hates it!
She says I'm so close to become SS501 stalker..hahahaha!

I'm looking forward for our next shopping session!
Thinking to save up my money & shop at Bandung....hahaha~
Ok..need to stop right now!
I need to check at Airasia website to find cheap tix!Hahaha!