Monday, December 27, 2010

May 2011 Bring Joy, Happiness & Love

It's only 5 day left before year 2011 appear and again new cycle be made..I'm gonna be 26!
Not hate it but the facts that everyone is getting babies or getting married is somehow make me envious.
But what so ever, I'm still happy for them & hopefully I'm getting someone that can love me as who I am.

Year 2010 brings so many things to me..being dumped, having a blessed birthday celebration with my friends, seeing so much people loving me, protected me & always by my side when I'm down, passed my exam, seeing my best friend having babies, my lil' sis finished her 3rd year study, struggling with my financial budgeting, part time study while working and surprisingly many new experience from my job. I think I gonna married with my career!I'm sure no divorce papers is involved..hU~

Peak period is around the corner, so I guess its better for me to get year-end holiday first before the all chaos happening. Gonna get a fresh start and have a positive mindset for year 2011. There are too many hopes for year 2011 and I really wish it happen as what as I'm planned.

Where I'm heading for this new year?...........................
Welcome to Kuching~ and if everything is come together, the end of January I'm be heading to Bali! It's good to have a good vacation and from year 2011, I will save 10% of my salary to my vacation savings.Destination for 2011 is Asean countries..not sure where..but definitely not

Hmm..i'm been thinking about 2010 resolution..there are some that I achieved and some is still in progress..and for 2011 I'm renewing my old resolution. Here are some in my mind:
1.Must finish my study by December 2011.
2.Getting MIA membership by December 2011.
3.Expert in IFRS (especially that 139 things~!)
4.Achieving target saving!(This is a must!)
5.Be a healthier person.

I have quite a simple resolution, non complex and achievable. That is what important so we can manage to meet all the target. But I also have a wishlist for Year 2011. Here is my wishlist!!!
1.Nikon D5000 - I'm been dreaming about this camera for a long time and I guess I'll be able to have it next year since I already started to save up some money. Its gonna be something good for my editing hobbies and also to my close friends since they love taking pictures.

This gonna be my new baby next year!

2.Treadmills..actually this is lil' sis request..but I guess I'm also eager to buy gonna make some place for this big guy..hU~

3.Singapore vacation!This is must-have-destination for next year..been dying to go to Universal Studio!Yes, Singapore!I'm coming to the town!!!

Ok..thats all for my wishlist..Gonna save up all my money and spend it wisely!I must not forget to be paying my tuition & exam fees also!Hahahaha..hopefully all my resolution and wishlist can be fulfill next year! is value plus if I meet someone next year..kekekekekeke~

So guys & gurls..Happy New Year & be sure use Year 2011 wisely...times will flies fast than we can imagine and remember it's not gonna coming back!Be more adventurous and be a good human being since life is too short to be wasted. Be someone that everyone can love and be someone that warm since life is too short to be alone. Be someone that believe in hope & faith since life is too short to be in regrets. Be someone that live in present since life is too short to live in past. Be someone that can brings joy to others since life is too short to be in sorrow. Let live our life k!I'm sure I live every single moments of my life, thanks to all of you out there!

See you next year!Happy holidays!


kdee said...

happy holiday kak emyl!

Big Chocosis said...

hahahaha..thanks kdee dear..
hope to get your card next year!

Anonymous said...

yg xtahan nk angkat treadmill tuh...hhahaha...pasnih boleh la tngok ko kurus ye...jom lepak!,,,hehe


Big Chocosis said...

nk lepak ble?aku on je tapi kne tnggu aku balek bangi r bro~