Friday, December 31, 2010

Fresh Start!

It's 31st December guys!
Tomorrow is already 2011~and I'm already start to worried about my class..hahahaha~
Class is starting and I'm the only one to proceed with my next class while my besties will gonna wait for the result. But nevermind, this is the new adventure for going to class alone..hahahaha!Who's know maybe I'm gonna loving it!

Owh, before I forget!Tonight I'll be going to Kuching!Yeay!
This is the first time in our 10++ year (actually I don't remember the actual year!) of friendship that we have the opportunity to be travel together!
I'm so excited!

So wait for my vacation post k!
Gonna spend my each and every second there!
Happy Holidays Guys!

Or before I forget!
Two Thumbs Up for Malaysia Football Team for winning AFF Suzuki Cups!
Hope we can hold the titles for a long time ya!Hu~