Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What A Year!

This is my first post in 2011!I'm so late!
It's already 12th day in 2011 and I just starting to update my blog!

Actually I been busy this January.
Packed with all sort of activities. But actually its fun because I already promise to myself to make this year 2011 is full of adventure!To try new things!And yet I'm beginning to explore the side that I ever know that I have it!

I'm so excited actually!
Tomorrow me & my sis best friends gonna see Beast, 4Minute & GNa!!!
Yippie yey!!!

I'm actually a big fan of KPop music scene since hmmm...let me think a while~Owh year 2006/2007 maybe?My first love for Kpop is of course Rain!Duh, did I need to say why?hahahahaaha~Then suddenly my sis introduce me with Big Bang!Number One (search at Youtube its great songs!) My love in Kpop music scene getting bigger and bigger!Then its expend to K-Variety show such as Family Outing, 1Night 2Day, Running Man, We Got Married, Strong Heart and many more!

Why I'm loving it?

Its good to see how every artist in Korea have to endure hardship during their trainee year. Every each one of them must be in training as young as 10 years old, normally they will be trained for about 2-3 year for singing, dance, grooming and PR lesson! To see how their hardship in trainee year lead them to fulfilled their dreams make me work much more harder to make my dream come true!Other reason of course their catchy song,cool dance move and pretty/handsome face!hu~

I'm going to Digi Kpop Party tomorrow!This is the first time I'm going to this such event, before this its enough for me to watch from far away but this year its gonna change!Gonna work hard, collect enough money and spend it my way~!hahahahaha..nothing to lose aite..Anyway you live once so try everything you can but still remember the limits!

Owh..regarding my list wish!I got my new baby!Horraaaayyyyyy~!
Presenting Baby-C!!!Have to thanks my Gurls that supporting me with my dreams!Love Ya!


I'll be back with my Sarawak post!Stay tuned k!Now I have to prepare myself for tomorrow event!Yihaaaaaaaa~


Anonymous said...

baby-c ye....hahahaa....i loikeee

p/s:nk pinjam ;p


Big Chocosis said...


Cik Yam~! said... baby-C in da house..
xpe mil..nnt cik Yam ade baby-N..hik3..jgn jealoussss

kdee said...

enjoy urself kak emyl!

Big Chocosis said...

wow..makcik yam bukan nk kumpul duet kawin ke?hahahahahahahaa!

thanx kdee dear!!

Cik Yam~! said...

alamak...dat one, baby for real~~

Big Chocosis said...

hahahaha..gilos ek?
sila2 kumpul duet utk berkawin cik yamy ye~

Cik Yam~! said...


Big Chocosis said...