Thursday, February 17, 2011

Being loyal to new year resolution!

Hi guys!Being busy to live my life!
Hahahaha~Naaaah..I just try to relax after having a chaos January & try my very best to finished all my editing job for my client.

I'm in the middle of photo selection when suddenly my frens IM-ing me asking me what to do in Kuching and its make me realized how I miss my new year vacation!

We have planned our Year End Vacation since CNY you know!Since this is my first time holidays with my girlfriends so I make sure it is the very best holiday that we ever had!!So exactly on 31 December we headed to Kuching and start our amazing 4 days 3 night of holidays there.

This is my 4th visit to Kuching, so I want to expend my knowledge on Kuching and visit less commercial tourist spot. Before any adventure happens it is very important to take breakfast and eating experience at Kuching is such a bliss!We headed to Madam Tangs' for first day breakfast. They are so famous for Laksa Sarawak but for me today I will have Nasi Lemak. I know its not a bold choice to eat Nasi Lemak but I want to be able to taste Nasi Lemak Kuching style..hahahaha~Basically it is the same but their sambal is very different with us in peninsular. Its not red color but instead it have greenish yellow color maybe because they use green chilies instead of red chillies rite? =p

After breakfast we directly headed to Sarawak-Indonesia boundries at Kg Serikin, Bau. It takes 1hour 30minutes from Kuching to this famous weekend market.What is special about this market is the facts its only open from 7am,Saturday and closed at 2pm,Sunday. Majority of the seller is from Indonesian selling everything from food to home appliance at cheap cheap cheap price!!But its happens if only you know how to bargain!So don't scare to slash the price until it drop to 70% from its original price.

After our shopping session, we visit the Fairy Cave 15minute drive from the market. Fairy cave got its name from various rock formation that resemble animal & birds. Its is nice if I get the chance to explore the cave but since it is late and there is no one there but only us and all the horror scene is lingering in my mind from the first step I take!Hahahaha..its kind of spooky if there no one there,believe me!Its like any minute the zombie will come out and eat us alive!Hahahaha..blame the horror movie influence not me k! =p

After our one day shopping and cave walking we are drained out!Headed back to Kuching and straight to Pasar Satok to buy our dinner there. My father always tell me that to know local people & to gain experience go to local market and learn from them. Its true you know..I learn that Kuching people is fierce on the outside but when you getting know them they are so friendly!!I heart Pasar Sarawak..why?Of course because the food!hahahahaha~Owh,you also can buy a tonne of souvenir here but of course you need to bargain a bit to get the best price. But I don't think you will get a cheap price here since it is famous landmark and there are too many foreign tourist here so the seller maybe will not interested with local tourist try to get discount like me!hahahahaha~

There our ayam bakar!Sedap bagai nak gile!Hahahaha..
So, our day 1 is full of satisfaction!Shopping satisfaction!Hahahaaha~
Day 2 will be posted later, need to sleep!Night guys!See you in my dreams!hahahahahaha~


kdee said... gile g kuchingg!!!!nak ikot!!

Big Chocosis said... ek?
baru day 1..lek lom habes cte lagi!

kp/s:kdee..dh leh pk2 mane nk g for honeymoon dah nih!=p