Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My idea of relaxing..is all about good food.

Hi..its already midnight here.
Just getting started to settled my report before sending it to my manager for his review.
I'm so sure I'll get a tonne of review note on my desk by the end of the day.

Nevermind I don't care and so are u rite ^^
Eating is my passion..so I'm so jealous with food bloggers out there.Thinking how they can get to eat everywhere without paying instead they are being paid for the review!Shoot!my dream career!hahaha..nvrmind i'll do my own food review (but I don't think it will be good as other food blogs out there =p)

So, I just get back from dinner with my best buddies!
I've been craving for sushi since last month..so at last I'll get it today!yey!
I have to dragged my beloved frens since they are not so into with sushi *sigh*..so I bought them to my favourite sushi place!Sakae Sushi!Their sushi is the best so far..& their udon!woah!daebak!hahahaha!

Its my duty to throw away the stigma of sushi=raw fish!that kind of sushi is called sashmi and i'm not a big fan of raw fish except salmon if they are in season..huhu!So menu of the day is Gyuri Beef Danbori & Teriyaki Chicken Donburi beside Inari & Soft Crab Sushi!Yummy!

I'm playing safe with my menu since my other frens is not very good with Japanese food..i'll try others menu with my sis..she's is more extreme eater than I am..hu!So, what we get for dessert?For coffee addict like us of course coffee blended!Jco is good with the blended version..plus it much more cheaper than Starbucks..so 5 star for Jco!

My favorite is Caramel Coffee & her's is Cappuccino Chips if I remember well..hu!While we busy gossiping cute little boy is passing my table!He's is so cute & prepare for my camera with his brother!Adorable!Seriously I heart babies & cute children!huuu!I want one!^^

Ok!Need to edit my report!Will update later!^^ annyong~