Sunday, July 25, 2010

Down The Memory Line

Hye Guys!

Just a couple weeks ago I managed to scanned all my & my lil' sis oldies pictures from my kindergarten years until my primary school!My emotions is kind mixed up..i'll miss the good ol'days. I miss the recess bell, I miss the exam hall, I miss the sport days (eventho we always came late) & owh not to forget how we run everytime we meet Ustaz Mahir & Cikgu Kamaruddin!!Hahahaha..

 Huu~My 1st Class Picture
My 1st Graduation Picture

My 1st Kelas Agama

My last exam paper before SPM

Last picture of Kelas 5 Ehsan

The happiest moment in my school life..Competing in State's Choral Speaking!

Alhamdulilah...I live my life the very best. Not everybody get what I have experience. I will miss the old days but not my close friends, we always meet up..haha. Owh, by the way..please pray for Duya..anytime now she will be in labor room for our 1st baby gagak!!huhuhu...


fndrocka said...

aku hanya suka bergambar bila masuk universiti..huhu

kdee said...

kak emyl kecik2 dah muka garang,hahaha

Big Chocosis said...


kdee:mane de..muke penuh kasih sayang adela..haha~