Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Wish You Both Well

today i have to bid farewell to my dearest friends Fadz and Maryam as they returned to Malaysia for good. can't believe that it's already been 4 freaking years together. i hope you guys will be a great pharmacist and you'll prove yourselves worth to others who have always look down on us 'Made In Indonesia' labels. i'm so sorry that i didn't send you guys off cause believe it or not i fall ASLEEP!! can you guys believe that? sedih...waaa...

Last night is a moment i'll buried deeply in my heart as we spend our last few hours together by 'merempit' with my Chika (that's my scooter's name^^) to grab late night supper at McD at 2 am which is kinda badass for us in Makassar.. i know how lame is that right? hahahaha. anyway we continue the night with watching 'Karak' together..eventhough the movie is not that great but when the company is great everything becomes awesome! true story indeed!

Here are a few pictures of us girls celebrating their graduation in the last 2 weeks (if i'm not mistaken). tell me now, is there anything better than all you can eat buffet, free flow of drinks and great companies for celebration?? i don't think so guys.. so we decide to have our dinner at Imperial Aryaduta Hotel as that's the best that we can get here^^ so let the pictures do the talk..

attack the food as soon as we arrived! the celebrated ones got the middle seat ^^ Fadz (grey hijab) and Maryam (white hijab).

taking picture some more...spreading peace here and there ^^

sorry mr waiter to turn you into mr unofficial photographer^^

a very friendly japanese family who have been staying here for 2 years..they are kind enough to come over to our table and wish happy birthday to one of my friend as they heard we're singing the overplayed and overrated birthday song.. nice knowing you!

they are such a sport for playing hotel california upon our request and following us along by tuning to the birthday song as we singing it to Ain the birthday girl..thank you om!

our dining area

Fadz checking out the grill section

a long alley of food!

delicious dim sum stall!

Cam whoring some more in the lobby while ignoring the fact that people staring at us weirdly..haha^^

final shot taken in the lobby after eating to our hearts content.. thank god our distended abdomen can't be seen in this photo..haha