Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good news!! kindness still exist in this modern world~~

Well, i don't know if you guys are interested in reading this post..but i'm gonna do it anyway. Actually i don't know what people may label me but i consider myself as being careful..for other people, they might say prejudice. My upbringing have thought me not to stick my nose in places where it doesn't belong (e.g other people's business) and to be careful of strangers or people who act too nicely..well you guys know what i meant right.
Thankfully, this amazing act of kindness had happened to one of my dearest friend and i'm glad that she's the one chosen to receive this rare gift!
Okay, the story goes like this..
On 7th february, most of malaysian students who studying in makassar have to return to Indonesia (including me!) for the opening of the new semester. so like other normal teenagers, we are very excited to meet back with our friends after long been depart. as we are vigorously exchanging stories and gossiping we got carried away. when there's an announcement that call upon us to board the flight, we immediately line up at the boarding gate and off we go to Makassar!
to make the story short, when we arrive in Makassar and get ready to get off the plane, my friend discovered that her laptop bag is missing!! OMG!!! all of us panicked! as what you guys already know, laptop is the most valuable thing a student could possess and it is the ultimate studying tool! so i personally ran off to the arriving hall with hope of finding the person who might have took my friend's laptop by mistake as she reported the incident to the stewardess. sadly the laptop is still missing! she come up with 2 theories, it either the laptop was stole in the cabin or she left it at the boarding hall. and it is impossible for her to return to Malaysia back as the money is the issue here and it is still not confirm whether the laptop is there or not. she didn't even have the gut to tell her family and ask for their help.
on our own, we try to contact the airport administration office regarding the issue but none of our questions are answered. our calls were keep being redirected here and there until we gave up. I'm pissed!! but we thought it's okay though because some of our friends will return on the next week. they might as well retrieve it for her!
but then again, sad news. the laptop is still missing as it is not in the airport administration possession at that time. i felt so useless. i can do nothing to help her. i know she treasured those laptop very much not because of the reasons i stated before. it is much more to her. her late father have bought her those. his last gift to her. for the whole 2 weeks she was not herself. even though she bought a new laptop but it's still not the same. nothing could replace it. but she gather herself up and try to move on.
like a phrase that malay loves to say, "murah rezeki ko", it really suit her condition. yesterday, she got a message on her facebook from a girl. the message goes like this
my friend
that girl
akak ade ilang ape2 x kat airport hari tuh?
ni sape? ade..akak ade ilang laptop..nape tny mcm ni tbe2?
mmm..ayah saya ade jumpa laptop..tuh laptop akak ke kwn akak?
Serious ni? itu laptop akak, kalo nk bukti akak bley describe ape ade dlm tuh
and she describe about the laptop model, what's in the bag and also what's in the laptop. after that girl convince that my friend is the owner

Ya Allah! terima kasih r adik..akak x taw nk ckp trima kasih cmne kat adik..laptop tu hadiah dr arwah ayah akak.
xpe, mak n abah suruh try cr akak. dak2 mesti ade facebook kan..so cari2 jumpe..memang rezeki akak masih ada..nanti akak call mak saya eh..xpe kitorg simpankan..kalo x jumpa kat facebook mak kate nk anta laptop tu kat umah akak.

FYI, my friend live in Kelantan and those amazing family lives in KLIA quarters. Jauh kot nk anta!! besides, the uncle who found the bag is very worried because the laptop haven't been claim in a week and he want to handle the matter personally, so he brought it home and he open the laptop bag..inside the bag, Thankfully, there was my friend travel itinerary of the fight she took from kelantan to KL. on it there was her full name and address..from there he took the initiative to ask her daughter to find my friend on the internet and by God's will she found her!
i'm very happy for my friend as those are the only memory of her father that she could hold on to. if that uncle is like me, "eisy, asal org ni x claim r laptop ni? kaye sgt ke? lantak r..ak simpan pon dh ckp bagos" pendek kate abes r.. even the uncle says that she is very lucky.. out of all the 'lost of possession' cases, only less than 10% can be retrieve back..what can you expect..it's a public place maa...but one thing for sure..my friend have a hell of luck! so from now on, i'll vow to try to help other people as best as i can to the maximum..be it in my career or real life incidents! i guess there are happy endings in the real world!


Big Chocosis said...

seriously!!lucky Ya!!
banyak doa nih...alhamdulilah jumpe balek..

ait laprop baru nk buat pe??hU~

Lil' chocosis said...

haha..dye pakai r laptop br dye..nnt blk dye jual kat akak dye kowt n amek blk laptop lame..hoho..untung kan dye

Big Chocosis said...

haha..taw xpe..hU~
rezeki bai..