Monday, March 1, 2010

My Stress-Free Vacation!

Greeting to all.Great way to start my Monday with a lil' budget-stress-free vacation last weekand.

I start my mini vacation with "makan-makan" session with my office mate, this "makan-makan" session will becoming our tradition every end of the month since everyone is eager to find next place to go! sangat!!Ok, for this month our destination for "makan-makan" is at Seoul Garden, a Korean-style buffet place.It a heaven place for me because there have so many choices on lamb, meat, lamb and meat..hahaha!!I heart move away chicken!!

If you guys so into with BBQ and steamboat, I suggest you guys to go here!There are not many outlet available but they open the latest outlet here at IOI Mall (new wing) beside others outlet at One Utama and Plaza Pantai.That the only outlet that I know..hU~

Because this is the first time for my office mate to eat here..most of them is "jakun"..hahahaha,kidding guys..they are over-excited with the new eating experience here.Owh, before I forgot to mention..if you guys out there is a student, don't forget to bring your student card because the price is much cheaper but it only available on weekdays before 6.00pm.Try it yourself k!

Hu~Muke kepenatan sangat terserlah
(Tak banyak gambo sgt!Sbb sume sibuk makan!!)

Ok..the next day, me and my Gagak's Clan is off to PD for one night stress-free vacation.This is the cheapest holiday ever..why?you do the calculation k!

1. Apartment (2 Ro0m-Sea View) - RM70 (Divided with 6 people) = RM12
2. Pelampung (XXL-Tayar Lori!) =RM5
3. Banana Boat =RM10
4.BBQ =RM10
5.Makan-Makan -Nasi Ayam =RM6 + Roti Goreng =RM4 + Snow Ice=RM7
6.Tong2 Minyak & Tol =RM10

So Grand Total is =RM64!!

I have managed to get a good vacation with the budget under RM70!
It is important to have a stress-free vacation  especially when I was so tired and bored with my regular routines in my life. This vacations can fullfilled the needs to recharge my mind, body and also my inner energy and I need a fresh start before I strive again for my P3 paper!!Yihaaaaa~

 Cam-Whore Session is a must for us!!
(Before heading to the beach!!) 
Cam-Whore Session at the beach!!

 Love this pic!

Jom berkayak-Hid ko kene banyak blaja lagi ok!

Our apartment!Cute right?

 Emma berkerja kuat~!Chaiyok ma~

 After session at Bt.4 beach!
(Um says she can reach the star!~Duh..mcm aku nk pcaya!!)

Our last pic for the night~!

It fun to hangout with my frens!Suddenly I remember someone told me.."Rasullah pernah berpesan,kalau mahu ukuwah rapat antara sahabat sentiasa makan bersama, tidur bersama dan mengembara bersama..Insyaallah, jalinan ukhuwah semakin menebal".

After this, we're going to Cameron Higlands..gurls singgah Taiping skali jom!!hahahaha~! 
I have a lots of fun being there with my gurls!!Heart You!Love You!

That's all for now..tatata~

P/s:I'm still waiting for makan ice-cream photoshoot!!huu~


Dayek said...

nak ikut gi cameron highland...=p

Big Chocosis said...


lokman.keme said...

woaa mmg traveller akak nih.
pasal yg ukhuwah rapat bile buat mcm2 same2 tu..yep sy setuju..agreed2 :D

Big Chocosis said...

hoho..akk tau pon dari UP!!