Thursday, February 25, 2010


Alhamdulilah..last monday is a most-waited day since I finished my paper last December.
Finally, the result is out exactly at 1pm and the result is..........
Thank Allah I pass my paper.
Also my study partner, Emma!!

I'm so happy with it and this result is a prove that I take my studies seriously.
I'm happy but I'm having not-that-too-happy mood, one of my closest friends failed
and also some of my classmate.
I hope that is not the end for them but the begining..every sucsses is come with failure.
So guys!Cheer up and you will make it to as well.

Tomorrow I will go to PD with usual gurls.
What to do there?I'm not so sure but I guessing there are a lot photo session and eating session.
Yippie yey!!We have to get a good vacation before we starting our 2nd paper study regime.
So what if we only afford to go to PD, as long I have my gurls my holidays is more than enough!!

p/s: Gonna have dinner at Seoul Garden with my


Ms.Independant said...

soul garden best giler!
nak g yg kat mid atau ou?


Big Chocosis said...

hahaha...ioi mall sude..
dia baru bukak kat situ tapi kecik cket..jom..jom..hihi~

Anonymous said... table la pass paper...buat kenduri skit..ngeh3x ;p

Big Chocosis said...

banyak ar...ko ar patut open table..asal aku lak..hU~