Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do You Like Surprise?

Let's face it you guys,how many people in the whole universe don't like surprise?
I think every man and women do like surprises including me but not the big one!!
I just afraid that my heart can't take the surprise element very well..hU~

It happen to syg recently do a surprise visit to me.
See we haven't see each other almost 3 month since he moved to PG, so this is the 1st visit since I meet him last the way he make me surprise I almost couldn't take it..

The story begin when he say that he will going back to Taiping this CNY and his bus will take off at 10pm, so I sms-ing him as usual, suddenly he said "Bas org dh smpi depan umah nih,mehla turun" slumber gle statment nih..

It take him about 5 minute to convince me to take a peek at the window that he saying the truth things. I couldn't take the surprise so I tell my parents to greet him..I only came down from my room after I cool down and its take about 30 minutes..Hu~I have a nervous breakdown..and I can't decide what to wear although its 11pm..Sorry dear,but what to do..I have to calm down myself first or I might end up in the ward that night..

He's mine the whole 3-days holiday..yippie yay..and the first stop is Aquaria.
I'm so in love with the place the first second I entered the entrance gate..the fish, the corals, the reptiles from Taman Negara Endau Rompin is so breathtaking...I have there eventho its take about 45minutes just to get the ticket but it worth it.

I personally recommend you guys to go to Aquaria!! if you can try to go when its was in feeding time, you can see how piranha, stingray, sharks and other fish getting feed by professional divers. So please do some research at Aquaria website to get more information about the feeding hours.

There a shark behind me and I'm showing peace?
Am I thinking that shark understand the peace sign?

He suddenly being so serious about marine life.

The fish tank at the back is so-so big!
Wish I can have one in my room..hU~

Since my syg was here and I already have plan to have BBQ at Sg Congkak with my gurl, so the best thing to do is to drag him along with me..hU~at least I have somebody to carry all the stuff..Luckily I bring him because we have to park the car up in the hill and it take quite a journey to Hutan Lipur Sg Congkak.
I always prefer to picnic inside Hutan Lipur eventho all visitor have to pay RM1 per person because I know at least that money will be used to maintain public facilities in the Hutan Lipur area compared to the private chalet outside. If you guys want to go to Sg Congkak the best picnic spot is always inside the Hutan Lipur area, the further you go inside the more fresh the water you can get.

After 3 hour stuck in the jem and finding parking spot, finally we get the best spot for the picnic and the best river area we can get. We talked, gossiping, eat, have fun and learned about nature since Dayek was there too. Why Dayek?because she is forestry student..HU~

With Emma swimming while other is BBQ-ing!!

One of the menu of the day, Daging Bakar..Nyum2!!

The gurls that make it!!

Me & Abg!!hu~

My CNY holiday is unpredictable full, I'm thinking my holiday is me lies on the bed while facebook-ing without anyone available on my page..hahaha..but thanks to his surprise visit my holiday is full with adventure and fun time.
I do like surprises even I told him no more surprise..please ignore me dear..hahaha~
Thank you so much for your visit!!Love you!!


CHeEsE LoV3R said...

waaa~ seriously i'm jelez oke ??? haha~
bes...bes...bes !!!
nak camtu gaq...surprise n 3days ??? haha~

Big Chocosis said...

huu..nanti smpila mase ko..