Monday, February 8, 2010

Our 1st Bumper Issue!!

Hi guys..

My lil'choco sis is in Malaysia this past weeks that's the main reason that I and here stop blogging for a while..But today she already going back to Makassar to finish her study there..I already miss her so much!Wish I could fly there easily!! just wish..

Traditionally when she coming home..we will splurge our money for eat..and we eat so well..Ho..Okey,here is our food hunting journey..We started by The Waffle Station at Alamanda food court..that is our favorite waffle stop and lil'sis must-have-waffle-in-Malaysia. Few years back, the there are so generous with the ingredient such as the chocolate, nuts, chocolate chips cookies, banana, the peach and so many more but not anymore this day maybe its because they didn't raise the price so they cut-off the ingredients a lil' bit..but is okey for us..Hu~

She's Been Saving These Waffle War For A Year (pity her (^^,))

Next stop, is Carl's Jr. in Mines.Frankly, I never get the chance to eat at this kinda-expensive fast food restaurant. This is our first time and we are so excited with the whole old-school-western-diners concept. For the burgers, I choose Western Burgers with Beef Bacon, RM18++ and my sis, Portebello Mushroom Burger, RM22++ (if i'm not mistaken). The burger, fries and drinks portion is so-so-so damn big!!Mcd large portion is so not the match..FYI, we just order the medium size..huuu....

This Is The Whole Set

Its Really BiG!!Hu~

What I like about Carl's beside the delicious and biggie big burgers is the drink bar concept!!There are various hot and cool drinks are available and I just crazy about it!!huu..Ok our next stop is Tony Roma's.What more can I say about this famous restaurant?So many people talking about their famous onion loaf and ribs steak so that is our lunch!There are special lunch set for the ribs and it comes with the drinks and soup of the day..mine is potato soup (extra-extra delicious) and my sis is English beef soup (just like sup tulang mama minus the rosemary!)hu...We have fun there plus all the staff there is so extremely friendly!!I like the service there!!Owh and the sandwich is super-duper-extra-XXL large!!hooooo~

Onion Loaf - Our Favorite Appetizer So Far

The Most Famous Ribs In The World!!

My sis enormous Honey Beef Sandwich

Me,Ice Lemon Tea & Potato Soup..My Perfect Day!
(minus my large flabby arm!!)

We also hit the International Pancake House for their famous pancake and superb whipping creme, Little Taiwan for Dim sum take out, Little Taiwan for their XXL Crispy Chicken..Sedapnye..sume pon sedap!!Cpt sis balek cni..our food hunting doesn't stop here!!huu~ topic!as I mention in my recycle topic..I made a pledge to myself everytime I go shopping I will bought a shopping bag with me..and I did it!!

Evidence No 1 - At Sunway Pyramid

Evidence No 2 - At Tesco

FYI, Selangor State Gov have make every Saturday starting from 6th January 2010 is no plastic day.Every plastic bag will be charge for RM0.20 better be prepared guys!

Ok..that all for now..Will see u soon

P/s: Missing my lil sis and my other half in Johor..Hope u guys take a very good care for yourself k..Love u both!


CHeEsE LoV3R said...

sajew wat owg lapar tau *sob sob*

Big Chocosis said...

huu..lapo ke..
sori2..dh g makan

Anonymous said...

kalo miss,misscall je la......wakakakaakakakak ;P