Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jonker Street Mission!


There are so many things happen to me lately, my sis at home (this is the main reason that I lazy to update my blog) beside my workload is doubling now!FYI this is the beginning of the peak period that all audit firm in the whole world must face every single YEAR!!May Allah grant be patient and will in this time..Amin~

Ok2..back to the title, since my sis here in Malaysia and my mom insist to take her to Malacca so I have to push aside all my work aside last weekend and head straight to Ayer Keroh. This is holiday is more santai2 one and we all not rushing to go here and there since this trip is only involve me and my sis beside our younger cousins!Our trip is lil' bit adventurous since this lil' kiddie have so many "kerenah & pe'el"

We managed to climb A'famosa Hill!Yey!!Do you know which one is A'famosa?It the one beside Dataran Pahlawan.Its built in 1511, when the Portuguese arrived and attacked Malacca. To make sure that Malacca is in their command, Alfonso de Albuquerque (cari dlm buku sejarah kalo xkenal sape dia nih!!) had the fortress built around a natural hill near the sea. The fortress is called A'famosa or The Famous in Portuguese since Malacca is a very famous and important port that connecting the west and the east for the spice trade business.

 The Journey Begin

Dah Sampai Atas!!
The Learning Process Now Begin~My sis explain the history to them
(Aiman,Shasha & Aina)

Inside the fort~

Tangkap Gambo Session With My Phone Cam~
(I forget my camera)

My turn to snap the pic!Hu~

After that, we go straight to Mc'D since I promise them they-can-choose-their-own-icecream session..hU~and we go straight to home.The next day me, my sis & Aina visiting Jonker Street. To be frank this is the first time that we have visiting all the shops that we can in this street.It's so fun actually and I spent a lot here too!!from buying some accesory to having some home made souviners to also buying a "tongkat" for Ayah!HoHO~Sungguh Ho-LIaow!

People there is so-so friendly and we end up 2 pair of beaded flip flop! Owh..I forget to mention to my non-muslim there is so heaven!!!so many stall even its capture myself!HOho~but atleast we end up with something we can eat the so-so delicious fruit sorbet!!I like the antique ambiance that they have there. Did you know that actually the Jonker Street is also known as Jalan Hang Jebat and the street is famous among serious antique collectors all over the world as one of the best places to hunt and bargain for antiques.
I've seen it and it think I know why...

Fera at Qin Yun Temple~She love the wood craving art


I think this is the floor marble age is much-much-much older than us!

Eventho we only spending one night at Malacca, its been such a fun for us!I always love Malacca so much!Sis..after this we heading to Borneo ok!Hu~

It's 3 a.m, I better get some sleep.Night!