Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Very First Entry~Chu

 This is my first entry written on 12 December 2009


This is my very first entry to our blog

Yes, its ours..I decided to shared this little blog with my baby sis..hu~not really baby she is undergrad medical student that currently stay in Makassar..I know the word "Makassar" is not familiar with Malaysian but I think in another 4-5 years people will consider Makassar as the next Bali..Yes the next Bali..Is more cheaper, lot's of good quality hotel,white sandy beach, blue ocean, good snorkeling and diving spots and Air Asia fly there too..yey!!!Owh..btw I will be there next year for my sis graduation ceremony..hu~

Since this is the 1st entries..I would like to wish our parents Happy 25th Anniversery!!along with our Mak Uda & Pak Uda..We Wish You Guys A Very Happy and Healthy Life..Amin..here is some sneak peek...

*Ayah Suap Mama*

*Mak Uda Cium Pak Uda*

*Mama,Nenek and Mak Uda*
"Angels in my life "

Love them all so much!!Hopefully me and my sis will have this kind of love..to love and to be love with sincerity..Insyaallah..