Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm Proud To Be Malaysian!

This post is written on 19 December 2009

I'm sure many of you guys out there have watched the Malaysia vs Vietnam game rite?even for myself it is the must watch game of the year..forget MU@Chelsea@World Cup Qualifying game..I'm Malaysian so I must support MALAYSIA team!Even my fren from Kyoto reminding me about the game..Nesh aku dh tengokkan utk ko

And the result is Malaysia WON it!!yey!!After 20 years..I hope our soccer team is motivated by these winning and strive for the very best onwards..Insyaallah.

Here Is The Winning Team!Congrats Malaysia!
I'm Proud Of You!

Here is K.Rajagobal, Malaysia Coach!
Thank You!
(credit the image form Utusan Malaysia)

Yesterday I have girl day out with my mum,just window shopping and I wanted to buy something for my fren that getting married today. So we decide to go to Metropoint Kajang, I love this place because it has many great food outlet and also there are the favorite shops specially when I on present hunting mood.Hu~so long story short, I slipped at the mall entrance because the floor is wet and thanks to my flip flop..I slipped really hard!Damn..embarrassing day for me..but then there hand reaching out to help me, while other there just laughing at me..siot tol dak2 rempit nih!When I look up, it is this Chinese guy and his Indian frens help me to get up..Thank You So Much For Your Kindness!They not laughing at me at all and told me to be extra careful. They kindness melt my heart and I envy for their girlfriend ok!Huu~

So there goes another reason why I'm proud to be Malaysian..We live in harmony and peaceful eventho there are so many differences among us, but what is more important is our similarities that bought us together!Long live Malaysia!Support One Malaysia!

Pround to be Malaysian!!
(credit to goggle image search)

Ok after the embarrassing-kind young man-melting part over, I go for shopping session with my mom and after we got tired my mom ask me.."Akak jom g Oldtown"..Your serve is my command we go there and here is what we order a cup of white coffee,hot chocolate,kaya toast and garlic bread.

Mom checking out the menu.

The present-hunting session is a complete succses!

Suddenly, when I went to the cashier something is catching my eyes..the complete package of diary,calendar and discount card of Oldtown is only for RM13.90..hoho~and I buy one for myself..what a bargain!See it for urself..

Cute Packaging

The whole package!

Haha~love it..No need to buy new diary!Ok..It's time to sleep..Nyte (^^,)