Tuesday, January 5, 2010

summer breeze~~makes me feel fine ^.^

This post is written on 6 December 2009

summer breeze makes me feel fine

-jason mraz-

as this song was playing in my iPod, it takes me back to a few days ago. summer breeze is the best song to describe those moment..the breathtaking view, the clear ocean, the warm breeze, the silky sand..oh my!! i really want to go back there!!

thanks to my friends i'm able to experience this small miracle, credits to Daus..even though some might say that south celebes got nothing to offer, i totally object that..there are lots of beautiful places here, you just got to open your eyes a bit..as a Malay saying, Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta..

-very excited to get on the boat which will take us to Samalona Island^.^-

-unforgettable delicious lunch for energy boost after snorkelling!-

too bad i'm not a filthy rich girl who owns a waterproof camera to capture the underwater beauties!! those fishes are just so kawaiii!!!they offer you some peace of mind after months of struggling with your *&%#%##^ studies huhu..i'll definitely make snorkelling my new hobby!! live your life to the fullest everyone!! go out and try new things as they sizzle up your life. i guarantee that!!