Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fairy Tale Of Weddings

Second post written on 6 December 2009

It's really make me want to write about this topics since my fren at Blog of Love Hate is having a topic on weddings...By the way..Congratulation my Sayangness Manys..She's looks so pretty during her wedding day...

Ok..Back to the topic..Seriously..I'm not a big fan of weddings.Don't get me wrong..I love the concept of marriage and weddings itself but only if that person is someone I really really know.My mom always keep dragging me to accompanied her for I-Don't-Even-Know-Who-It-Is wedding ceremony and I hate it!

If some of my frens notice..I only tend to go to my closest best fren weddings and once in a while I will go to my classmate wedding but if only the bride or groom want me to go to their kenduri so-so much (ajak beria ok!bukan ajak2 taik ayam)

There are many fun things in kenduri..and the most fun things in kenduri kawin is catching up with old frens,chit chat and gossiping as a ritual to have good networking..beside the foods and the ambiance..and yes hid,looking at the bride and groom happy happy face..they are so in love...

I still not a big fan of kenduri kawin...


Because the mentality of some Malaysian that I don't really like...People pushing to get food from buffet,dirty,inpatient,some people even gossiping about the bride is bigger than the groom(true event I tell ya)and there are people that wanting to "tapau" lauk kenduri before the events ended!!

It make me sick and try my very best to avoid it..hu~

Beside that, all people will keep asking when your turn will be..and sometimes when my cousins wedding, all my mak sedara & bapak sedara even atok sedara will keep pushing me..Y?Because they say I will get old and be andartu (anak dara tua)..
adoimak...hu~they concern about me getting married late..

And believe me..the kenduri itself is a war..everyone is comparing who is the prettiest one, who is rich, who driving the best car..anak sape pandai, anak sape xpandai,sape pakai emas paling banyak...That's is the reality..No one takes wedding invitations easy k..even for my self..

But hey, I still love weddings especially the one that is sweet and simple.

I always believe less is more and I hope my kenduri gonna be like that.
But not in the nearest tyme..hu~

Gonna wait for sis to complete her study first..kan gems..hu~

Tapi Jodoh Tetap Di Tangan Tuhan