Tuesday, January 5, 2010

After That~

This post is written on 15 December 2009

Alhamdulillah, my exam went well..I hope I pass this paper,Insyaallah.

Suddenly, I miss my lecturer.I miss to hear him babbling about how important to khatam' the text book and how this studying process can affect us in a future.
Miss him so-so much! Thank you Sir for you babbling!!hu~
I also miss my classmate at UITM..guys,I'll be missing u guys so much even though we only get close during our last class,is weird rite?But I don't care cause I hope our friendship doesn't stop here.

This is my classmate during our so-called-last-class-party
This is my class & our beloved lecturer is in the center of the picture

During my class party (Pic 1)

Taking picture is a must!(Pic 2)

Last Picture~Credit to Syira for the pic (Pic 3)

Ok2 back to the story, after my 3-hour-exam I sms my lecturer and he told us to give ourselves a treat after the exam and since myself and emma is freakin hungry (many thanks for the aircond and also the 'hujan lebat' situation) so we decided to go to BBQ chicken..nyum2..I love their charbroiled chicken (its like honey bbq chicken).Soooo Delicious OK!U can see it yourself..

Nyum-Nyum~We order Charbroiled Fried Rice & Kochi (Chicken Skewers)

Why I love eating here?Beside the restaurant is the Korean No.1 Chicken Restaurant and the food there is so-so gooooood, surprisingly the price is cheaper compared to some chicken outlet out there..hU~. If u guys interested to dine at BBQ Chicken, click here
Currently they having promotion there..So u guys better check it out k..I already have one! =)

Here is the proof!

Still have 10 stamps to go for the RM50 rebate!Huh?Wish Me Luck K.

Ok I better sleep now since I have to start working tomorrow..Miss my desk!