Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We're SORRY & We're SAD


We are so sorry in this 1-2 days, if you guys out there cannot get to our blog. There are some serious technical error that cannot be treated and our old blog has to shut down.

Actually this is our new blog, and as you can see all of our blog frens & followers at the old blog cannot be transferred here and if you are kind enough please..please still be our frens and followers at our new blog.

We are still very sad by this incident, because the old 'Mind of the Chocoholic Sis' is our first baby.But what to do unless we move on and keep on writing.

We already miss my new bloggers frens and we hope that all of you can still be our frens and feel free to leave the comment.

As you can see, under this post is all the older post that we have featured at our old blog and we still bring them here.

Keep on supporting us!!We heart you all.