Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eating Is My Passion,So What?

Hahaha~yes..I like to eat.So what?

And since my fren, Dr Munirah coming all away from Kuching, we decide to have dinner at Bagan Lalang!!'s my favorite place when its come to seafood.
Its cheap,sedap..many choices of seafood and the warung have a 5-star scenery..the beach itself!!So off we go eventho it just the 4 of,Emma,Ecah & Muneq (the singles club~hoo)

You See!Bagan Lalang Sgt Chantek Skang Nih!!

The Singles Club!!Ha~But Not For Long K~

Its take about 45minutes to 1 hour to get there from Bangi,depending on how your driving style..but with my calm & easy breezy style its take us about one hour to get there..We wanted to have late dinner to avoid the peak eating time that usually from 7pm till 9.30pm, so we took off late and managed to get there around 9pm.We have to wait for about 15 minutes until we get table and started to pick the fish.FYI, picking the fish and the menu is one of my forever l& never ending job spec as "miss organize"..hoho~So we picked:

1)Ikan Sikap - Masak 3 rasa
2)Bawal Puteh - Stim Halia
3)Pari - Bakar Sambal
4)Sotong - Goreng Tepung
5)Udang - Goreng Tepung
7)Kailan Ikan Masin (Tapi xdpt smpi sudah!)
8)A Jug Of Apple Juice

So we waited..and waited..while talking and gossiping beside asking for medical advise from Dr.Munira, then suddenly its R-A-I-N-I-N-G!!!waaaaaaaaa~~~~~
People running here & there, while some of them starting to lifting off their table to get under the canopy..while us? us..what we do?Angkat kerusi,duduk & trus tangkap-tangkap gambo session with our sour expression-hoping the rain stop..haha~

See..How Bored We Are&Not To Forget How Lapar We Are~

Emma Muke Dh Tahap Tak Boley Blah~
(Babe,xpe baju baru ko cun weyh!!haha~)

We waited..and waited..then the workers said.."kak table akk ade kat dalam"!!yippie!!but wait..
seriously here?You guys will know what I mean by the picture...

See~Our Table Is Right Behind The Drinks Counter..hU~
And Muneq is So Happy Like She Is In Willy Wonka Factory (^^,)

Nevermind-lah..since its still raining out there, its ok for we waited again..and...the first dishes is out!!

Pari Bakar Sambal~Terbaekkk..hU~

And also other dishes come after that..

By The Time Other Dishes Arrived,Pari Bakar Is Totally Gone~Hu

And we the master piece of cooking...and guess how much we paid for this feast?Hahaha~It's only RM81 and the the eating2 session is fully sponsored by our lovely doctor!!Thank YOU Muneq!!Pasni aku bje ko MOF k..haha~

So if you guys out there wanting to find a good place to makan-makan seafood..Bagan Lalang is the place.I personally recommend you guys to try the warung2 opposite the beach and not the fancy "terapung" restaurant.Its much cheaper with the warung.

I have a wonderful time with my girls last weekends and I hope you guys tooo~


kdee said...

fuiyooo!murah gile kak!sodapnye...

Big Chocosis said...

haha..yup..datang makan kat cni..besyh2..tapi kne sabar ramai..hU~

SYIRA said...

emyl~ kite pon ske gi Bagan Lalang.. mmg dah len skrg~ :)