Tuesday, January 5, 2010

L.O.V.E = S.H.O.E.~~ it does make sense!

This post is written on 9 December 2009

Well, i'm not the type who wrote poetry stuff nor were categorized as a 'romancer'. but i do love to read..ANY TYPE of reading materials!! once i read an article about love and i'm surprised that i found myself drawned to read this article..


i can relate to what the author are trying to say..the whole dating process is very much like shoe shopping..you try on LOTS of pairs, you test to walk with them - some hurts your heels, others give you blisters and some might even cause you to twist your ankle!

you have lots of categories for shoes, the sexy one, the function over looks one, the artsy one...the same goes with men!! you keep a mental note of the styles that doesn't work so you can avoid them. not many guys can be put under the folder of 'perfect guy material', not many shoes can be consider as sexy & comfortable as a cushion!! But one day you'll find a pair shoes that are perfect and you couldn't ask for a better one. that's pretty much dating life - lots of blisters, few minor stings and one perfect fit.

so people! remember patience is virtue! dont give up on finding your own perfect shoes - keep on hunting guys... i hope all of us will find our own perfect fit especially you my BIG sis!! haha.. hope both of us will find 'Shoeby' just like how our parents found each other..

-ouhhh~~ sizzling red!! hawwttt!! but too plain~~-

-so cute!! but i'm still not sure..hrmmm~~~-

-perfect! it is exactly what i'm looking for ^.^-
credits to ninewest for images ^^