Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why Do People Travel?

This post is written on 30 December 2009

I just got back from work and I just realized that it's almost a week after our very-short-short trip to Malacca ended.I really miss the adventure and thrill there with my girls, Um & Emma.

Three of us just finished our exam and wanted to have some peace of mind and get recharge & motivate ourself to faced Year 2010.So we decided to travel and believe it or not after our maybe 10 years of friendship, this is the first time we travel together.hU~

Why Malacca?
Almost everybody I know ask me this question.
WHY?Is Malacca bad?Or it is because it so closed to KL..Or because everyone have heard about it?

But for fun!

I always go to Malacca because my aunt is living there,so i have FOC accommodations already.
But this time trip to Malacca is so different then I have before.
Altough we only managed to have Mini Asean-Zoo Melaka-Melaka River Cruise-Taming Sari-Umbai trip..its worth it!

Ok..we start off with mini asean,this place is a heaven for newlyweds that want something different with their "gambar kawin".Even I want to have photoshoot here,but unfortunately Mr.Him is from Perak!(chet..xpe2 Kuala Sepetang pon ok what!hU~)

There are so many houses from different state in Malaysia and also houses around the asean.
Rumah Singapura is my favorite for the asean house and Rumah Perlis is my dreamhouse for house in mini malaysia section.There are some lacking at mini asean section, it is the maintenance for the house is poorly maintain by the management there.I hope after this there are some improvement being made.

Nih Rumah Perlis!Sgt Chantek!

Nih Rumah Singapura!Kan Chantek Nih!
Ma~Gambo Utk Kad Kawin Ko Nih..HOooo~

We Love Taking Pictures!

Okey after we done here, we rushed to Zoo Melaka.I love Zoo!FYI Zoo Melaka is the second largest zoo in Malaysia and they are famous for their Sumatran Rhinoceros. Going there is like visit to candy shop for we are so tired to walked so we decide to take the tram (I know it is a good excuse!) and before that we managed to get the front seats for the animals show there.The Orang Utan part is so hilarious!!

Mariana & her trainer, the star of the show
(Psstt:Trainer dia pon cute gak!!)

Lembu Yang Sangat Besar!

Seladang Kowt~xsurela..

My favorite pics!One Malaysia Rite?
Even the Lemur can have peaceful lyfe with bat,why not us?hU~

We taking endanger animals issues very seriously ok!

Fuh..after that the evening trip is ended we headed to my aunt house to refresh ourself and prepare for the night trip.First pit stop is Melaka River Cruise.It is my first time taking boat cruise along Sg Melaka, the night view is so marvelous, I recommend you guys take the boat at so nice to see the lights along Sg Melaka.The cruise take about 45minutes to 1 hours.
The scenery in Kampung Morten is such a wonderful experience.You guys must go there to get what I means..Hu~

~Kampung Morten~

The proof for being there~

Next stop is Menara Taming Sari but since we are so-so-so hungry so we take a bite at Pahlawan Night Market and get a taste of Sate Celup.After we are full, we go straight to Menara, grab the tickets and que for 45 minutes que is so damn long..sume org pon nak naek menara memalam..hoho~

It's already 10.30pm but its look like 8.00pm

Pukul 11 mlm pon jem.KL pon xcam nih~

Even have hot balloon some more~

I managed to snap some pic when the UFO thingy touch the ground because I'm to scared to open my eyes up have fear of heights ok!hoho~Its not my faults =p

After that we go straight to Umbai for our late dinner but we still prefer Bagan Lalang for seafood dish.Its much more sedap and cheaper than Umbai.Hu~

So that what I did last weekand. Three of us have a new year resolution that is to travel more after this.We need to enjoy when we still young,fabulous and SINGLE!Its true right?We never know what gonna happen after we all get married.So lets fill our live to the very best when we still can do iT~!

Damn..Such A Long Posting!hu~