Wednesday, January 6, 2010

christmas--> year-->approaching!!

This post is written on 25 December 2009 now it's 11.15pm, 25th Dec 2009...

omg!!!!!!!!!! it's less than a week till new year!!!

so goodnight mr claus ^^...thanks for your hard work to bring joy to those celebrating christmas..huhu..hey! i'm actually kinda like a santa claus too today!! just got back from our neighbour's house, right here in makassar..we bought them a gift! how thoughtful of us isn't it?? haha (waahhh, angkat bakul sendiri nampak^^) and how funny it is, that only now after almost 2 years residing in this area, thaItalict we figure out the real names of our neighbours..haha...ibu esther n pak yulius..thanks for the drinks eyh!!(still have to polish my social skills, woot woot~~)

sooooo...what are the things that normally people do approaching the new year eh?
new year's resolution list!!!
(i don't normally do this, but tonight i feel like doing it)

  1. i want to improve my voice!!!!! (is it even possible??? haha..everybody keeps saying that my voice sounds like a 5 years old!! they even compare me to upin n ipin!!)
  2. speak at normal velocity..remind urself that u r not a RAPPER!
  3. save mooooorrrreeeee money!!!!!!!!!!(who doesn't right???)
  4. perform 'sunat' procedures from A to Z (before this only got to be the 'tukang kipas budak', tools manager...aiyooo...oh and also the anesthetist)
  5. take better care of CHIKA, ADEQ, POOTEYH & SUESUE(basically my scooter n my cats..luv u guys lots^^)
  6. want to 'mantapkan' my medical theories(since 1st year of medical school-->still unresolved..sigh)
  7. try new things(the only new achievement of this year is lame~~haha)
  8. jangan ponteng kelas!!! nuff said
  9. do what you want to do!! dont ever hesitate
  10. show public display of affection to my families and friends (i'm always too shy for this)
  11. new destinations!!!!!!!!!! (jakarta, bandung, bali, australia, korea, etc---like i got that much money..haha)
  12. more girlie activities with my girls
  13. roadtrips!!
  14. improve bargaining skills(very important!!)
  15. talk no evil
  16. see no evil
  17. hear no evil ^^
  18. never start to read a novel/watch series drama when exams are just around the corner
  19. lose the weight! (macam dh no belas2 baru nk sedar ke?? haha)
  20. take care of my health..and also my families
  21. play futsal again!
  22. realized my resolution list!!haha

ok..that's all i could think of ryte now..will update later..haha