Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Day~

This post is written on 1 January 2010

I just got back from The Curve to accompany Emma doing her stock take there at Gloria Jeans and we end up getting complimentary drinks there!Thanks Fieza (She is the outlet manager cum operational manager but she damn young & cute!) Your hot chocolate is so goooddd~I wish I have ordered the hot white chocolate instead of just ordinary hot chocolate..Nyum2~

So after that we just lingering there..Actually I wanting to get the perfect pair of heels for my daily use and straight we go to the Padini concept store at Ikano..And I got the perfect pair for myself..Yipppeee~Its so hard to find the perfect one..just like my lil' sis post down there..It take about one month to find the perfect pair for me!But its not heels but wedges..brown colored wadges..and it cost RM59(exceed RM9 from my original budget!Hu~)

It almost similar to this wedges!!Hu~Love It!!

Now I'm so sleepy and probably get some rest before me & my gurls headed straight to Bagan Lalang..since Dr.Munirah in town lets get her to pay for our dinner..hoho~ =p

But before that..It is 1 January 2010,and for those who sms-ing me..thanks a lot!I really appreciate it.Since my sis have declare her resolution,now its my turn!

My Resolution For 2010
1) Be A Good Daughter & Muslimah
2) Learn All Housewife Skill especially C-O-O-K-I-N-G!!
(damn!!its really push me to the limit)

3) Pay My ACCA Exemption Fee
4) Pay My PTPTN Debt

That is the target that I must achieved int his year!hu~Owh..FYI, there are some research showing that people that tend to write down their ambition,mission or target have much higher percentage of being successful from people that do not!!So you guys..better jot down what you want on paper right now!!Mane taw rezeki Tuhan korg dapat ape yg korg nak tahun nih..hU~Amin..

P/S:Alhamdulillah..some of my resolution last year is successfully achieved.Amin~Ok..want to sleep for the moment..Hu~


mOLLie said...

suke sangat kasut tu~~
tapi nanti kene perli ngan hubby sbb beli jek..tak pakai..lenguh2..hehehe..:)

Big Chocosis said...

kte bawak g keje..mcm pakai crocs..
haha... =p